Saturday, January 01, 2005

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I would love to see major league baseball put in EXTREMELY strong steroid testing. First, because it would stop people from cheating. Second, it would be really cool to see how many players deflate like "Otto" the auto pilot in Airplane. Like big blow up dolls with a pin stuck in them. Then listen to them all tell us how they are on a new diet and how they decided they played to big in the past. Yada, yada, ha. Trust me, it would be fun.

Breakout the jambalaya, the Hornets have won again.

I think its funny watching Richard Jefferson take advice from Charles Barkley in that commercial. Barkley in the commercial says "he can be the guy from the arc" speaking of Jefferson. So Jefferson practices his 3's in the commercial. Somebody needs to tell Richard Jefferson that Barkley thought Barkley could be the guy from the arc too. BTW, Jefferson is shooting .318 this year from the arc. What a mind that Charles Barkley has.

The glimpses in the highlites makes me wonder if Jason Kidd is right yet. He looked big, slow, and unaggressive. Only his 3 point shot looks good so far. Maybe Jason thought Barkley in the commercial was talking about Jason cause he is 11-22 from 3 his first 5 games back. Thats good, but he is averaging only 3 assists. Also few steals and no blocks. He looks like Andre Miller out there and Miller is sloooooooow.

Jamaal Tinsley is now out of the closet. Not that closet, but the one Indiana has been hiding him in the last few years. They wisely never played him more then 30.6 minutes a game his first 3 seasons. Last year, they held him to a career low 26.5 minutes. Instead playing the spectacular Anthony Johnson alot. Why not keep Tinsley on the low down last year? They were going to win the east regular season anyway. This way they can sneak Tinsley under the radar and he will likely be happy to take the 40 million over 6 years when they offer it. Which of course he did. Anybody think if he averaged 36 minutes a game like this year he would have not gotten more then 40 million on the open market? That Bird is one crafty fellow. Too bad the Mavs were not as crafty with their handling of Marquis Daniels late last year.

I loved Darryl Armstrong. Nobody played harder. Nobody took more charges. Nobody got more floor burns. And nobody wore his emotions more on his sleeves. Armstrong was a defensive Nash in that he played defense full throttle running around like a chicken with his head cut off. I loved Armstrong and what he brang to the court. He was the perfect 3rd guard. The problem is that I just used a bunch of past tenses. Problem is Darryl is already nearly a year older then Steve Nash would be in year 6 of his contract.

Forget why, the fact is the Phoenix Suns are rolling. They are 15-1 their last 16 games. They have only lost 1 road game all year, that being the 20 point blown lead in Cleveland. They have the best record in the NBA. They have the best scoring differential in the NBA. Only San Antonio is remotely close....

San Ant.-10.6

Its almost impossible for Phoenix to drop out of the top 3 in scoring differential before the all star break. This stat tells who is the best teams more then any other simple stat....INCLUDING W-L record. The Suns have won only one game by less then 5 points all season, yet all 3 of their losses are by less then 5 points. They either win in a blow out or lose in a close one. And they not only lead the NBA in scoring, they lead the league in scoring by a whopping 7.6 points a game. Even the Mavs have never lead the league in scoring this late by that many points. Yes, their schedule has been incredibly easy. However, you can't beat the Spurs if you don't play the Spurs. Their next game will be at Seattle. It should be an interesting game.

I think the Mavs should play double PG atleast 25 minutes in the next few games coming up. That doesn't mean Marquis Daniels either. I want to see the other 3 PG's combine for atleast 70 minutes a couple of times to see what happens. Cause team passing and ball movement is getting scary bad for my Mavs. Below is the top teams in assisted FG's. This stat shows who truly are the best passing teams and who are the most unselfish teams. The reason these stats show more about passing then simple assist totals is some teams score more then others, so likely would average more assists. Also some teams get a lot of points from 3's or the FT line which can make assist totals misleading. This stat just shows how many baskets get assisted percentage wise.

As of December 11th, 2004

1 SacramentoKings 25.16--37.5----.671
2 LAClippers 24.56--36.7----.669
3 UtahJazz 23.85--36.2----.659
4 NOrleansHornets 22.00--33.4----.659
5 MemphisGrizzlies 21.95--34.1----.644
6 DenverNuggets 22.63--35.3----.641
7 SanAntonioSpurs 22.10--34.6----.639
8 ClevelandCavaliers 22.68--35.9----.632
9 ChicagoBulls 21.18--33.5----.632
10 DetroitPistons 20.84--33.3----.626
11 MiamiHeat 22.05--35.6----.619
12 CharlotteBobcats 22.47--36.7----.612
13 MinnesotaT-wolves 23.26--38.1----.610
14 HoustonRockets 19.40--32.2----.602
15 GSWarriors 21.05--35.0----.601
16 LALakers 20.11--34.0----.591
17 NJNets 17.84--30.9----.577
18 IndianaPacers 18.79--32.6----.576
19 Philadelphia76ers 19.42--33.7----.576
20 WashingtonWizards 21.35--37.1----.575
21 NYKnicks 20.05--36.4----.567
22 BostonCeltics 20.17--35.7----.565
23 MilwaukeeBucks 20.47--36.2----.565
24 PhoenixSuns 22.75--40.6----.560
25 SeattleSupersonics 19.05--34.6----.551
26 PortlandTrailBlazers 18.11--33.1----.547
27 TorontoRaptors 19.91--36.4----.547
28 AtlantaHawks 18.74--34.3----.546
29 OrlandoMagic 19.89--37.0----.538
30 DallasMavericks 17.14--35.5----.483

The Mavericks need more passers on the court as the stats clearly show. They are not only dead last, they are dead last by a huge margin. Being dead last by a huge margin is rarely a good thing. Do they miss Steve Nash? It sure looks like it. To compensate, maybe they should have an extra PG out there like they used to do with Nick Van Exel. So far this year, the Dallas Mavericks have played double PG 12 or more minutes ZERO times. And only 3 times have PG's played a combined minute total over 50. Its worth a try.


At December 16, 2004 at 3:40 PM, Blogger Franz Kafka said...

Roids - yeah, I've wondered what the general 'look' of your average major leaguer would be about 5 years after an effective effort to eradicate steroids from baseball was put into place. 'Sluggers' would probably be the size of Hank Blalock ... thin waisted and broad-shouldered - or maybe we'd go back to the era of 'wiry' sluggers like Eric Davis, Strawberry and George Foster. Wonder if Mark Teixiera is about to go 'pop' when his 'roids river dries up?

Yeah, the Hornets won again ... they freakin' beat that crappy GS team that just whooped our $100M Mavs. moan [Dickau with 23 pts?!]

Haven't seen the Barkley/Jefferson commercial, haven't seen any Kidd highlights, haven't seen any Tinsley highlights but I think he's kind of a punk ... having said all that, I did want to to draft him though, - no cable sux.

I was pondering the other day what the Mavs would look like had they kept Jamison, swapped Walker for anything ... maybe even Damp, skipped on Daniels and used the left-over money to soften the blow of re-signing Nash. Lineup - Nash, Fin, Jamison, Dirk, some center [Damp?] - bench: josh, bradley, FA/traded PG [DA?], Najera, maybe a draft pick. Overall, no matter how you shuffle the off-season, simply re-signing Nash woulda been the winning hand. I KNEW he was gone as soon as Popeye at LMF PM'ed last June with the rumor that he was pregnant - 'cause I knew it was no longer Nash's choice but instead Cuban's choice he stay - and Cuban's a @#$#%& ... a really humongous piece of #$@$%&.

I've seen DA in one game - at Houston - and he looked great. Between what I heard on the radio broadcasts and read at LMF, DA didn't look nearly as good vs Chicago and GS. Drat, thought we had something there. I remember when DA went from Orlando to the Hornets - it ticked me off the Mavs ended up with Travis frackin' Best instead at backup PG.

Phoenix has big money tied up long-term in Nash, Marion and Q, they'll soon pay Amare a ton - and Joe Johnson needs a new contract soon. Will re-signing Amare mean a Marion trade for expiring contracts? Or will the Suns go big-market and launch their payroll into the stratosphere? They need to make hay while Nash is young-ish and all the pieces are together. Why not a ring this year?

Fixing the Mavs? I can only watch about every 5th game, so all I can really do is just keep an eye on the rolling 10-game stats at Doug's looking for positive trends - none so far even though Fin's hot return helped a tad - and lately I've been watching Dirk's rolling 10-game shooting %'s, too. Dirk's turning into a 7-foot Allen Iverson.

The Mavs are dead, long live the Mavs.

good read -

BTW, kev - the only people that can currently comment on your blog are fellow bloggers, like myself. There is an option you can choose which will allow anybody to comment - even non-bloggers. Look under settings or somewhere, if you wanna let anybody comment on your posts.

Overall, liked the look and the pics of your post. Another btw, my spellchecker won't work - does yours?

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